Welcome to Neatela

Neatela is a proudly South African company which was established in 2012.

Our mission is to provide quality property, lifestyle and consulting services, whilst ensuring a local and delightful experience.

It is made up of a lifestyle division, property portfolio, and consulting services. Neatela operates within the Private and Public sector delivering bespoke professional and efficient services.

Neatela is a Level 1 BEE Contributor with 100% black female ownership.

My ethos is Accessibility, Security and Freedom for persons living in South Africa and promoting the continent at large,” 

Bella Mfenyana, "Founder, Neatela"


Bespoke Luxury Short-Term Accommodation In 6 Centres In South Africa Fit For Business And Leisure Travel And Experiences.


Seamless Services To Satisfy A Variety Of Client Needs From Transport, Events, Logistics Management Services and More.


Innovative solutions to deliver strategic corporate strategies and operational designs including procurement strategies, CSI Budget management, project management and implementation through its experts and partners.